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Addonpeds changing character to Michael

  • I am playing as Michael yet when I die Addonpeds just makes me Michael again, this wouldn't be a problem normally but I am using the Watch Your Death mod. Is there any alternative mod like Addonpeds that allows you to change into an installed Ped which does not reset your player model? This also happens when I use Character swap to change the Model hash to Michael, can I disable this function in Addonpeds?

  • Its there because otherwise the game would glitch out with infinite loading when you die

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Not if you use WYD

  • Not adding the PedSelector.dll to scripts worked for me. And I just use menyoo favorites feature to change to peds. Besides that adding Character Swap mod allows you to play missions with peds and it just makes everything perfect. :D

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