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Problems installing custom maps/ymap

  • I am having trouble using custom ymap mods with GTA V. It is my first time trying to install these, and I can’t seem to get it working no matter what I do.

    I have updated all my mods since the casino update. I also have an updated customised gameconfig installed through OpenIV.

    Everything has been set up according to the custom maps installation instructions (to my knowledge anyway). I have arranged the directory under custom_maps in the DLC packs folder. I have then added <Item>dlcpacks:/custom_maps/</Item> to the dlclist.xml. I have other mods (such as add on peds and vehicles) installed very similarly that are working with no problems. However, with this, I am consistently getting the message “GTA V has exited unexpectedly” without an error warning, straight from the loading screen.

    It is a very similar error to what I had before using an updated gameconfig after the most recent update. This considered, I have looked into editing the gamconfig, but have no idea what I’m doing and can’t find anything online to help me properly understand it. I am currently using this one: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars (x3 vehicles and peds). I have tried others, but still have the same problem with the game giving up on startup.

    I perhaps thought the map I was using was problematic, and have tried removing it and loading different ymaps instead. I still have the same result. I also thought I may have had too many mods for my game to handle. So, I removed all mods from the dlclist.xml apart from the custom_maps line, and the same things still happens.

    Any suggestions? Or has anyone had similar problems? I usually end up figuring this stuff out myself, but I am baffled with this.

  • @corvus1322 Your dlclist entry is incorrect, missing the slash after the mod name. Should look like this ...<Item>dlcpacks:/custom_maps/</Item>

    All of the entries you add to the dlclist.xml should be in that format.

  • @chonkie Sorry, that's actually a typo. I've put it as you have in my dlclist.xml and it's still not working. Cheers for pointing that out though.


    try downloading heaplimit adjuster and packfile limit adjuster, they’re both available on this website

  • @Reacon Thanks, but I already have both of these. It still crashes.

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