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For those whose GTA crashes or doesn't load.....

  •            If you check your Event Viewer, 

    (Right-Click the start button and select event viewer)

    select the Event Viewer (Local) on the left side of the window and then

    expand the Error section in the middle.

    Double click the Application Error line and you should see a bunch of GTA5.exe with the faulting module name ntdll.dll, which is located in C:\windows\system32.

    I have not found a way of resolving this, can hardly find out what ntdll.dll does, but wanted to see if it was a common thing with all of those that can't load. It does not seem specific to a single addon, I have completely copied the fresh files from the root folder to my mod folder, added the gameconfig and whenever dinput is in the directory, the spinning blue circle stutters as if its trying to launch, but in Task Manager Windows Error Reporting process quickly is at the top, indicating there is an issue.

          Eventually, gta does not launch and asks whether I want to retry in safe mode, which also does not work. I've also ensured I had a good saved game.

  • Can someone give me some rep or something so I can post more than once in 10 minutes. Is almost too much of a wait to try to help anyone, which is all I'm tryin to do but about over the waiting 10 min bs

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