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Public solo session .EXE script

  • Hello.

    I just made a little script using AutoHotKey that allows to suspend the GTA5.exe process for 10 seconds and disconnects the game to reconnect in an empty "public solo" session.

    It can also be used to force the game to reconnect to another session if the loading is stuck (this works without any guaranty...).

    I can release the AHK script (that needs to have AutoHotKey installed to work), but I also compiled an EXE file that can be used on any PC easily (I placed mine in the task bar so I can access it quickly).


    Could I upload it to this site, that I discovered recently and don't know well?
    There seems to be mods for GTA 5 single player mainly, and when I read the guidelines for uploads, it seems that my file could be refused (furthermore, as it tinkers with the process, it can be recognised as a potential threat by antiviruses).

    Thank you for your replies.



    There's not an specific rule that wouldn't allow the approval of such script, unless if it does contain virus which I hope it does not.

    On the [README] Frequently Asked Questions: Site-Related topic, it says the following:

    Can I use these mods for online use?
    No. The mods on this site are generally designed for singleplayer use only, and discussions about modding GTA: Online with the intent of cheating are not supported or allowed. Furthermore, your RGSC account may get banned by Rockstar for using mods online.

    Technically that's a NO for cheating online modifications, but not for non-cheating online tools. A bit ambiguous. Let's see the following answer:

    Can I get a money drop or hacked GTA: Online account?
    No. That's not the kind of modding we do here - this site is for singleplayer PC mods only, and cheating online is neither supported nor encouraged.

    The question is not relevant in this case, but the reply is. "this site is for singleplayer PC mods only". Since your script is a tool related to GTA Online only, I guess it won't get approved here unless we do an exception (like it seems we did recently, lol) for not being an online cheating tool/modification.

    About the GTA5-Mods Community Guidelines, the only similar guideline would be the following:

    Discussions about modding GTA: Online with the intent of cheating

    Since the purpose of your script is not about cheating online, it does not apply in your case.

    There's nothing more to say about the site rules in this case from me. However, I'd like to know @Dark0ne's opinion/decision about this, since he's the admin and who, probably, could guide you better on this.

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