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  • Hey guys i have a qusiten..i installed redux mod,and when i am in first person i have dof...even in a vhichle so how i disable that?

  • @Gtavgamer extract timecyc_mods1.xml to your desktop. Then extract it again to a BACKUPS folder incase something goes wrong. Open it with notepad. Use find & search for "dof". Delete the entire first section of dof values you find. Should be very close to the top. Save. Replace in OpenIV.

    Or, look under optionals folder in rexux. Find the "no new motion blur" folder. Extract the contents & do what I mentioned above except with this tymecyc_mods1.xml file. Replace.

    No DOF or "new" motion blur

  • I just want in vichcle that dont be a dof...when i out of vichale i want dof...there is a way?

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