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[Tutorial] Swapping Michael, Trevor and Franklin with non-streamed pedestrians using OpenIV

  • So I've tried converting some add-on peds and vanilla peds to streamed peds using this method for Franklin, but I've noticed weird issues with Franklin's entire body where it would spaz out when replaced with certain peds. For example, replacing Franklin with strippers/hookers will straight up turn him into a frankenstein monster where the entire body glitches out. Yet, if I replace Michael with strippers/hookers, it will work perfectly. Not sure why this occurs but in general, there seems to be glitchy issues when trying to replace Franklin.

    Edit: This method of swapping non-streamed peds to streamed peds also does not convert any have physics or facial animations, in case anyone is wondering.

  • hello i am very confused so if anyone knows how to do it then please dm me on discord my discord is abdu#1720

  • Thanks for the great tutorial. The glitch I'm facing is about franklin's legs like @infinityyul but it seems unfixable (big sad), the others work fine. If you know how to fix that, please dm me on discord OkayThisIsEpic#9547, I'll be very thankful.
    P/s: For anyone who got trouble replacing Micheal, try deleting player_zero folder and file in patchday4ng.rpf and here you go

  • thanks man i needed this

  • @lnfernus what is bump and spec sampler ,and where to find it , because i had wet issues too

  • Hmm,, how you keep these character clothes permanently tho ? Since the game keeps constantly switches the clothes back to default during cutscenes

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