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Is it possible to install NVR addons without combining NVR with VisualV?

  • Recently, I want to install some of the NVR addons into VisualV but I dont want to merge the NVR main files with the base of VisualV, I only want to use VisualV + NVR addons (e.g. lens flare, weapons overhaul pack, brighter emergency lights).

    Can you figure it out how to do this without resulting visual issues? or maybe it can't be applied since NVR addons needs NVR main files?

    P.S. I haven't tried to implement it because I think it can cause problems that I can't handle.

    Here is the list of the addons that I want to combine:

    • improved grass+trees mod (VisualV)
    • First-Person depth of field (NVR)
    • First-Person lens flare (NVR)
    • Precise thunder bolts (NVR)
    • weapons overhaul pack (NVR)
    • brighter emergency lights (NVR)


  • boosting

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