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Adding DLC vehicles query

  • Hey everyone, I was planning on adding the GTAO vehicles into GTA5, but im not sure about a few things;
    Whats the difference between popgroups and vehiclemodelsets? Is one for moving traffic and one for parked cars? I noticed both had an option for Sandy Shores, so I was kinda confused about what the point of that was.
    Is there a limit to how many DLC vehicles I can add? I'm not interested in getting any addon vehicles, only online DLC vehicles. I'd love to add them all, but if there's limits, there's limits.
    How would I go about adding a DLC vehicle to what NOOSE use? I noticed the DLC added a riot van and it seems like the only place that makes sense, but I downloaded a mod that says I shouldnt edit the cops section in vehiclemodelsets.


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