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Models disappearing when changing camera view (DLC streaming issue)

  • Hey,

    I am working on porting over a map to RAGE MP as a DLC pack. I currently do not have collsion files as they're meant to be remade once all models are done.

    The issue I'm encountering is that some objects of no particular type keeps disappearing/appearing when changing my view. In previous GTA's, this would be due to collision boundings.

    I have checked this video (links at specified timestamp)

    which explains that you need to copy the streamingExtentsMin value to entitiesExtentsMin and likewise for streamingExtentsMax/entitiesExtentsMax.
    This process is done with. It did help, but many objects are still glitching. As seen in streamable link below.

    Another issue that may not be related to this is that the objects streams in/out all at once depending on their YMAP. Say, the entire airport disappears 750 meters away, while the entire airport appears again at 749 meters away.
    Yes, I have set distance to 750 units for every model in the game, but what I'm experiencing should not be the case.
    On CW (codewalker), this is not the case - the models streams in and out flawlessly and does so one by one, not in huge chunks.

  • @tut-greco You most likely need to mess with the bbmin and bbmax values. There was a tutorial on here by dekurwinator. I just now searched and I can find the link to his tutorials, but the link does not find the page anymore. :-(

  • I have found a solution; align pivot to world rather than to object. Although this is not good for instanced objects as then all instanced objects will use 0, 0, 0 rotation, which means all of my trees and lightpoles are messed up.

    If I align pivot to object, the models will have proper rotation although they will disappear/appear when I change my camera angle.

    Does anyone have any idea why that is, and how would I go about fixing it.

    It's worth mentioning that my lightpole/tree/misc scene contains around 4000 instanced objects, where 169 of them are unique.

  • Hm. I thought I could export models and YTYP while their rotations were <0. Nope. Resetting fixed everything. I'm a happy princess for so long it lasts! :princess_tone4:

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