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ScriptHookV not loading with dual installation

  • Hello! I just (re)installed GTA 5 due to some issues and decided to do a dual install. Adding scripthook to the normal SC directory works but when I added it to my modded version folder nothing happens. The game launches but scripthook doesn't output anything.

    I am running GTA 5 version 1.0.1737.0 Social Club and the only mod I have installed is Native Trainer.

    I also have a commandline.txt with "-scOfflineOnly" inside of it. Last thing is that when I run GTA5.exe scripthook and asiloader create log files.

    Thanks for any help!



    it's been a while but I remember it has something to do with the registry
    so where does your PC believe V is located

    you'll have to physically rename the V installation folder you want to run
    to the same folder name that is stored in the registry on the PC

    Read up: Maintaining 2 versions of GTA V

    tbh i'd just go the mods folder route with one simple installation and disable dinput8.dll (rename to .bak)
    to disable openIV.asi from loading your mods folder and the loading of any and all scripts

  • Thanks for the help GTA is running now!

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