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Menyoo capability questions for mission making (or mission faking)

  • I'm trying to put together a (huge) pack of simple car steal "missions" using Menyoo. So far I'm able to load the target vehicle where I want it in the world with a waypoint pre-attached to it; to include a quick instructional note about the vehicle you're after; and to play a preset sound file on mission load.

    This is all great start, but I'd like to take it further if possible. Like...

    1. having that note come in the form of a text message sent to your character's phone instead of just popping up on the lower left .
    2. Displaying your current objective text along the bottom of the screen until you're done.
    3. Finding some way to trigger some kind of "mission end" once you deliver your vehicle somewhere.

    Are any of these possible with Menyoo, or have I hit the limits of what it can do on its own? Any help/advice is very much appreciated.

  • Menyoo isn't a mission making tool

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