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Redux mode car lights

  • Hi, I've installed Redux mode recently. Then I realized the headlights, the daytime leds and taillights cannot be seen although the brake lights and indicators can. Does anyone know anything about it? I really loved the Redux mode but I also really want to see the lights especially daytime leds of modded cars. I think they are pretty cool.

  • @kagimf author of this stolen mod don't care about supporting users with any help, I recommend you invest some time and get some other graphics mods. With a little time and afford you can get at least same graphic with mods from this site. Coz 'old' modders who know history of redux are not using it so may not to know help you with this issue :shrug_tone3:

  • What do you recommend instead of Redux? I actually dont know about the history of it.

  • @kagimf start with VisualV and NaturalVisionRemastered, then find ENB and Reshade which you like instead of using the basic from NVR. Then if you want it more detailed continue with individual mods like EVE, 4K vegetation, LA roads, HD visual graphic, 4k blood, water, desert, bokeh, fire, HD beach, new sky etc (:

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