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Missing Model Names

  • Hey guys, im writing up a list of all DLC vehicles so I can add them to SP, I was using the GTA Wiki to look up the Model Names, problem is, several of them are missing.
    The missing Model names are:
    Pegassi Speeder (Yacht Variant)
    Liberty City Cycles Sanctus
    Principe Diabolus Custom
    Vapid Apocalypse Slamvan
    Vapid Future Shock Slamvan
    Vapid Nightmare Slamvan
    If someone who has modded in these vehicles could tell me what their model name is, that'd be great, thanks :)

  • @Shauny7488
    Pegassi Speeder (Yacht Variant) - speeder2
    Liberty City Cycles Sanctus - sanctus
    Principe Diabolus Custom - diablous2
    Volatol - volatol
    Vapid Apocalypse Slamvan - slamvan4
    Vapid Future Shock Slamvan - slamvan5
    Vapid Nightmare Slamvan - slamvan6

    I'm using real names mod so I don't know models ingame names, but if I checked from the photos right models it should be like this.

  • @ArmaniAdnr These look about right, I figured they were something like this, but i wanted to know for sure. Thanks.

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