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Problem with orginal DLC cars.

  • So, I have a problem when I try to spawn an orginal DLC cars. Everything works fine until mods folder appears. When I install any addon mods and try to spawn them it works fine but with orginal DLC cars it says Ivalid model name and car won't spawn. It also shows me in Add-On Vehicle Spawner that DLC is unavailable and that DLC is not available in this version of game but everything is up to date.

  • @Hogwart when you was adding that addon, did it have also file dlclist? If yes, didn't you just simply replace this file? Coz you should just add the line with name of your new dlc to the dlclist file. If you replaced it, it could mean you deleted all other dlc names from this list and game don't load them

  • @ArmaniAdnr
    When there is full DLC list game crashes when loading I also have every DLC copied to mods folder

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