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[Miscellaneous] Wind noise

  • Hello there,

    I really wondered if there is any mod that adds Wind noise while riding a Motorcycle but couldn't find any mod which adds that Feature...!
    So i wanted to know if anyone is interested in making a mod which adds a Realistic Wind noise while Riding a Bike! (whistling would probably be enough)

  • @Jan119 Maybe scripts can do those stuffs, just like car indicator sounds :)

  • still looking for this

  • @Ctx_-

    Isolate the sound file for your bike and extract it, convert it. Then find or record wind noise on a bike. Take the two files into Audacity and create one file with the sounds combined and layered to your liking. Convert them back and install with OpenIV like any other vehicle sound file.

    Or, a simpler method, is make wind noises by blowing gently through your mouth as you ride. Use a microphone for enhanced effects.

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