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Mods that make SP/Story Mode like MP/Online?

  • Been wanting to get something like this for a while.
    Anything like ranks and rp?
    Online clothing shop?
    Missions n stuff?
    ( Thought I posted this in the wrong section ;~; so here it is again )

  • Ranks and RP aren't an SP thing and make zero sense for it.
    Online clothes shop: just use a trainer to apply the clothes to the mp ped.
    Missions and "stuff": have you not looked browsed the site and used the search function? There's a ton of mods on here including some that can bring aspects of these into the game.

    Online is online and SP is SP. If you want a "modded sp" experience with Online features, try FiveM and play with other people that have custom servers. Just keep in mind that most of those are about roleplay and not the "lets grief and blow shit up" bullshit that is in R* GTAO.

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