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Save/spawn vehicles question

  • Is there any way to save or spawn vehicles on a ramp locking its position? There is a ramp in the corner of the downtown Los Santos Vapid dealership lot which I replaced it with Ford dealership mod and was attempting to place a Ford F350 on it but have no luck keeping it on the ramp besides freezing the vehicle through Meyoo, that's all I can do but can't save it.

    Any help on this will be much appreciated, thanks


    You can save the coordinates and rotation with some scripting and re-apply it to freeze it in place, both with a relatively simple C# script. Doesn't Menyoo's map function support doing something similar?

  • @jgordonisone This mod will allow you to park that f350 where you want to and save it there. It will be there each time you load the game, or until you move it to a different spot. Real easy to use and I've never had an issue with the mod.
    Can save many cars in many locations or the same location. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/vehicleskeeperv

  • Chunkie that mod is not working for me, my game crashes when hitting the save vehicle key. Error can't find native 0x7d1464d472d32136

  • @jgordonisone Either it conflicts with another one of your mods or you have other issues. Either try again or try a different persistence mod, there's a few on the site. I've never had an issue with it. If you do try it again and have issues, post a comment to the author in the mod's comment section.

  • The other mod crashed game too. I think it was mainly bc I was still on release day patch 1.3.501 lol I had the CD version with the crack with no way of updating lol So I bought the steam version and now I am up to date, transferred save files, mods etc over. Altho those two scripts wont load, that the authors of those mod probably has to make it comparable with latest scripthook. But I found out how to save vehicles through Menyo and it locks the vehicle in place just fine which is good enough for me. Thank you for the help.

  • @jgordonisone Wow, that whole outdated game info would have been nice to know in the first post. Those mods don't need to be updated.
    Those persistence mods work absolutely fine on an updated game.

  • I'm sorry man, I didn't think none of it when I made the post lol. On the positive side, I got the vehicle persistence mod working, turns out that the scripthookDOTnet that I downloaded off this site was outdated and had to get the latest version off the authors site.

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