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Screen Record not working

  • So basically I’ve been trying to get into making Machinima but my screen record function isn’t working.

    When I first start up the game screen record works, but once I setup my scenes and everything the screen record function doesn’t work anymore so I’m forced to scrap the project. I’ve doubled checked all my scripts are updated and all my files are in the right locations.

    Does anyone knows why this might be happening or can Put me on the right path to fixing the problem please let me know.

  • @BillionaireBandit List your mods, hard to help with zero info. I do remember people having issues using Menyoo with R* video editor, so if you're using that then get a different recording program.

  • @chonkie

    I don’t have menyoo in my game, everytime I try to install it and try and start my game, my game doesn’t open.

    But here’s the mods I do have installed:
    Script hook v
    Trainer v
    Simple trainer
    Scene director
    Skin control
    visual V
    And then a bunch of vehicle add-on mods

  • I figured it out. Vstancer was the reason for this. I used that mod heavy for better wheel fitment but I guess I’ll have to do without it

  • Vstancer also conflicts with the Benny's DLC lowriders as well, so if you try to use those to make scenes with, they'd not work well either. I like VStancer, but depending on how you play/record it'll be fine without it.

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