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Request - I will pay money for this.

  • Hi, the job is simple, i want get the "meta.xml" to fiveM for this skin:


    I do not know if you will understand, but this skin has a problem putting it in fiveM, the hands do not work because the model makes a wrong conversion or something (I am not the roleplay server programmer)

    this is the fault that gives (when you take a gun it looks worse apparently) :


    The programmer has told me that he needs the correct meta.xml, he is trying to solve it on his own but he cannot find the solution:


    I do not know if it is a simple job or not, but the designer of this skin can not give me a solution and the truth that I would love to do the role of robot.

    I was wondering if anyone could set this for FiveM. And if he is able to make it work, he would pay you money (€ 20-30?) I don't know if it's very simple or not, in that case he would be interested in listening to budgets.

    (This has been translated with google translate, I'm sorry if I comment on some grammar mistakes)

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