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How do I use my GTA:O Character in director mode?

  • Moderator edit: Reworded this to be a bit more civil.

    I'd like to use Menyoo or some other script to play custom animations for my GTA:O character, and then use that in Director mode for photoshoots etc.

    I've also got an unspecified problem with ScriptHookV itself.


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  • 1- go to director mode
    2-choose your character (it should be in online characters tab or something like that)
    3-once you've selected the character you should be able to play with it
    4-go to menyoo then where you usually customize your character then go the 'outfits' tab then save the outfit but what's actually happening is that you're saving the character as a whole
    5-go to scene director(mod) and save the character as an actor
    6-next time you spawn the character for a photoshoot go to scene director and spawn it using the 'load actors' tab but it's gonna look weird and won't have the original outfit, THAT is where menyoo comes in hand, go to menyoo, outfits and apply the outfit to the ped.

    q: why not just save and spawn the ped using just menyoo?
    a:when you do that it usually causes a glitch where the character will NOT appear in the rockstar editor (invisible) and pretty much you'll ruin all your work.

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