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Add-on cars

  • So, basically my game was crashing and I added a custom gameconfig and now the cars are not loading in. What can I do to make them spawn.

  • @ArmaniAdnr Thats the gameconfig I'm using .... And even DLC cars dont spawn now

  • @nechev69 problem should be anywhere else not in gameconfig, coz I'm using this one aswell. Are cars which are not spawning mods or even vanilla ones?

  • DLC Cars dont spawn .... The addons dont even like appear and cant spawn them by name @ArmaniAdnr

  • @nechev69 try move out mods folder, if problem remains try the same with scripts folder and then with all asi files in root folder. If problem will be solved in any of these 3 cases we would be closer to find what is causing it, if even after these 3 steps problem remains, I think you should need reinstall game coz problem may be in vanilla files

  • @ArmaniAdnr Now that I have removed the mods folder, the DLC Cars now spawn. Now what should I do ?

  • @nechev69 I have hard question now, how many mods do you have? Coz the answer is problem is causing by one or more of your mods, you should now try one by one to find out which one it is

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