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Need help with original player model, Single Player

  • So i tried to to install a mod the replaces franklin and michael's player model to the marisa and reimu mod, however it went wrong and now they're player models are corrupt. i just want the original franklin and michael models.
    i did try to back it up when i tried to install the mods but i didn't back up all the files.alt textalt text

  • I already trying using steams verify files integrity 3 times trying something different each time like deleting the files that contain player_one and player_zero files. for some reason that doesn't work and steam just re installs what was in the game files from its last succesful run.

  • Here's the solution :
    Back up your mods folder..( Paste it somewhere else )
    Then, delete your ORIGINAL x64v.rpf... ORIGINAL, not MODS folder....
    After that.... Backup your gamesaves ( Google them for location ) to some other place..
    Then run steam integrity check for the game... it should ask to download that file again.... do it.. just 1-2 GB.. BOOM ! Done !! Tell me if it helped...

  • @D-Tech-Gaming ok so i found that i forgot to delete x64v in my mods folder after verifying for the third time. and that fixed it. thanks for the help though

  • No probs.... happy to help..
    Glad that you found a fix... Franklin looked scary...

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