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Is it just me?/modding-rant-about-library-documentation

  • Is it just me that gets completely hacked off with the non-existent documentation for the libraries we use for modding?

    I look at some and the documentation is borderline worthless, the source is often out of date and the examples (if you can find any) are more like cryptic hints.

    I mean, I have just been searching for some help on adding TabViews using NativeUI and when someone asked for an example, this is the response they got:

    var tabView = new TabView("Grand Theft Auto V");
    tabView.Tabs.Add(new TabTextItem("Test", "test"));
    // OnTick

    No mention of how they work. No mention of what items can be added to the tabView.Tabs collection. No mention of whether they perform like menus and need to be visible or invisible. Nothing to say whether they generate different events than a UIMenu.

    If someone wants an example... give them a proper example. Someone asked me about an example of how to write grabbed coordinate data to a file, so that's what they got.. a mod that collected and grabbed coordinate data and then wrote that to a file. It was 171 lines long but that's what was needed for the example. It took 10 minutes to write...

    I was recommended another library by someone the other day to perform a task, not only did that have zero documentation, it also had zero comments in the code. It's almost like these libraries are written for people to use but the authors don't actually want you to know how they work to use them.

    The most fundamental and critical aspect of an API/Wrapper or Library, is documentation and examples... or at the very least, answers to questions. I see questions on other forums that have gone months without a reply. I don't understand how that can happen, unless the author isn't bothered about the people using their library. In which case, you'd have to ask... why write it in the first place?

    So please, if you're going to write a library for others to use... make it for others to use without them having to hold a gun to your head for information. If your library has ten functions, then make ten documented working examples and then one that combines those functions.

    Now I have to go and play trial-and-error with these damned TabViews to see if I can work out how they function./rant :angry:

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