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How To Fix The Black Health Bar Glitch (Aka the no full health Glitch)

  • Ok so since idk which forum to put this in I'm gonna put it here.

    I've noticed I'm not the only one getting this bug, basically what happens is randomly you will get a black health and armor bar. You fix the armor bar by maxing your armor. You can fix the health bar bug by reloading your save or game (either works). If reloading causes you to be stuck so max health ends up nearly killing you don't worry, simply set your health to 200 or more. Since at the time the game thinks your health should be 200 or something so every time you heal it sets it to 100 forcing you to nearly die. This fix as far as I know is permanate until the glitch occurs again.

  • Also please tell me if this is the wrong forum and let me know which one is the right forum before deleting this. (Move it if possible instead of deleting)

  • Maybe:

    1. New Graphics-Driver
      2.If STeam-version look for errors (right click on GTA-->Properties-->Local files-->Look for errors)
      3.just redownload it.

    Hope I can help!

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