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dinput8.dll problem

  • Hello, so i got some problems with GTA V start after i installed scripthookV and dinput8.dll.
    I'm running 1.0.1737 ver, on Steam.
    The other mods i installed are:

    • Redux
    • REDUX Reshade Setup
    • L.A REVO 2K
    • Enhance Native Trainer
    • Menyoo Trainer
    • Gameconfig For all versions
    • ScriptHookVDotNet
    • Packfile Limit Adjuster 1.1
      So after just installing redux game started normally with redux on, but after i installed scripthookV and switched dinput8.dll files, it's takes long time to load game and after a few min game crashe and, show up message that GTA stopped working for no reason.
      alt text
      Is in Polish language but is saying same thing i write above.
      So here are asiloader logs: alt text
      Here are ScriptHookV logs: alt text
      And here are my GTA V folder: alt text
      alt text
      alt text
      So idk what can be wrong, i tried many things and it didn't help so im looking for help here.


    Menyoo v1.0.1 is known to have issues with b1737 - use v1.1.0 - which can be found on GitHub.

  • @ikt Thank u alot. The game starts now, but after a 2 min in "lobby" this one comes alt text

  • I'm searching internet to find how to fix that one alt text

  • @pSychOl Get rid of Redux, know to cause issues.

  • @chonkie I think the redux is not a problem here, when i just install redux game works fine, but when im trying to add more stuff there comes the troubles.

  • @pSychOl It's was just a suggestion based on past posts from others. It might run fine by itself, but might be worth seeing if it does conflict with another mod you have installed. Things have a funny way of working like that sometimes. Plus Redux is a mixture of stolen mods.

  • @chonkie I understand, idk i followed the TUT from yt to install stuff like redux and L.A Roads. Gonna keep searching the internet.

  • Thanks anyway. @chonkie

  • Yeah I was gonna say, Menyoo was your issue. Even in the log, it stops before menyoo is fully loaded.

  • Yeah, so i searched the internet, and i found a one thing to switch, so i downloaded that menyoo that ikt send, i switched the files so the game started and game crashes, and error shows up "Out of game memory", so i found on internet, some guy had same issue so he switched gameconfig, he used that one https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-for-patch-1-0-757-2-update-at-each-r-update, so i downloaded same thing and now the first error come back after i click on story line in lobby.

  • So i reinstalled my GTA and i installed just redux and scripthookv with native trainer and game working fine, so i guess it's problem with file consistency in one of the mods with others.
    Redux, scripthook v and native trainer works fine together.
    Topic ready to close.

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