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Custom Lights for Map

  • Hi guys, I'm a beginner and wanted to know if anyone knows how to make custom light using a mesh\object.

  • @xX_Racer_Xx https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/25213/requesting-help-on-model-lights/3

    Here's kind of a starting point for you, if you're somewhat familiar with 3ds and gims.

  • @chonkie Thanks for the link, I'm familiar with Max but main problem is that even after exporting mine or using stock V light it didn't worked in game, am I missing something ?

  • @xX_Racer_Xx Difficult to say if you're missing something with no info to go on. How are you trying to add the lighting to the game? If you can, post a video of how you make them and try to get them working.

  • @chonkie I tried to take the light from Benny's garage which is named as lr_bobblelight, I tried to copy it to another place with .ymap but it didn't worked.

  • @xX_Racer_Xx Placing vanilla lights somewhere else through a ymap is not what I would consider "making custom light". That first response of mine will do you no good for what you are now trying to do. You're still not providing enough info. I don't know if you used CodeWalker to make a ymap, or if you just tried sticking that bobblelight into another random ymap somewhere. How did you take the light from Benny's garage? How did you try adding it to the game? How did you make the ymap? Where is the file for that lr_bobblelight located? I can't find it or anything else named bobblelight using OpenIV or CodeWalker to search for it. Is that the correct name? Is that prop actually in your game? Is it a prop from Map Builder Community 1.07? At what point are you using 3ds, because you don't need to use it if you're just moving vanilla lights to another location, can just use CodeWalker to do that very easily.

  • @chonkie well I tried with my own mesh which also didn't worked so I though to start with using V lights.

    About that bobble light, I placed it with codewalker, and to find it you can head over to Benny's garage and select that light plane which emits the light, if you search for it in openIV, you'll find that bobble light in the same DLC

    I forgot what was the actual name of that bobble light but I remember it was from lowrider dlcs.

    I did tried exporting from 3ds max also but results were same.

  • @xX_Racer_Xx I found the bobbleheadlightrig.ydr. Are you trying to add it to a vanilla mlo interior, your own custom mlo interior, or adding it somewhere outside?

    When you imported the light into 3ds, what did you do before exporting it? How did you export it? Provide a video or pics of how you are trying to do it, you just stating you tried exporting from 3ds max doesn't tell me much, neither does I placed it with CodeWalker.

    for a quick video of a few of the lights I did find in mplowrider. They each provide different lighting in the game. Those are more of what I'm used to messing with. I haven't messed with whatever that bobbleheadlightrig flat plane thing is. I'll see if I can get that in the game and will let you know.

  • @xX_Racer_Xx I can get the source and the drawable it's supposed to be coming from in my game, but I can't tell if the lights are working as they should. Doesn't look any different in my interior. I do see the little flat square indicating that the light source is there. Odd thing is the Benny's in my game does not have that lr_prop_supermod_lframe, which is the thing that bobblelightrig goes to. Even if I clip through on foot and walk around I don't see that 4 square thing. Take a screen shot of it in your game inside Benny's so I can see what it looks like there.

    alt text
    alt text

    Were you concerned with using that 4 square frame thing or were you just wanting to use the light source?

  • @chonkie thanks alot for the info :) , I just need a light source to work in outdoor place like on Street or anywhere, I don't know where I'm making a mistake but placing it with codewalker or spawning with menyoo never made it work, I tried both, the bobblehead and that frame. Lamp poles works fine with menyoo spawner but it would be nice if the source (mesh) is small or if I can integrate light (probe ) with my own mesh.

  • @xX_Racer_Xx Is there a particular reason you are fixated on using that light source? Meaning does it do anything special in game or look special? Like I said previously, I can go inside Benny's in my game and I don't even see that 4 square prop or the light source. That could be why I did not find that prop when I used the search in OpenIV and CodeWalker. I had to manually find it in openIV.

  • @chonkie currently I'm just finding a light source to reflect on cars, I don't care if it's from any prop or my own mesh, I just need it to function as a light source.

  • @xX_Racer_Xx How you get it in the game depends on where you are wanting to place it. A mlo interior is different than something put together with Map Editor or Menyoo. Where were you trying to place it when you could not get it to work using CodeWalker?

    I'll make a video of me making a light source from scratch in 3ds and getting it in the game. Might be a few days until I can get to making that though.

  • @chonkie I think I'm trying an interior mlo light for a exterior lighting that might be my mistake but all I want is a light source, is there any option to make specifically for mlo or exterior ?

  • @xX_Racer_Xx Hehe, well I made a quick tutorial on making a custom light and getting it in the game with CodeWalker. I was surprised when I saw it in game due to the size it ended up being. Sorry for the parts of the videos where I pause for seemingly no reason or do other stupid stuff, some of this stuff doesn't 100% come naturally to me yet.

    In this second video, I try pointing out that whenever I try to use the convert material to game type using the button in Gims it doesn't work. I have to go through that quick process I showed of clicking on material editor in Gims and do the conversion that way. You do need to click on embed game material textures. The texture I used was just one I had on my desktop, I wasn't trying to make this light pretty since I'm not keeping it.

    I used Neos7 max sccript to make the ytyp. Oh yeah, don't do what I did in CodeWalker and save your ymap as the ytyp.xml from previous, I was just going too quick and selected it, took me a bit to realize what I did, you'll see my mistake.

  • @chonkie I can't describe how much happy I'm, thanks alot mate, I'll check those videos asap :)

  • @xX_Racer_Xx Another quick note, the 17 and 24 that I picked in the flags section I just use because that's what R* did on the one light i looked at to see how to set it up. Don't know what the others do yet. The time flags should be more obvious what they do and I purposely set up the one light that way to show you.

  • @chonkie Sorry for the late reply, i was out of town for awhile, i checked your videos and i think this is what i needed, yours it the only proper tutorial out there for V Light structure, Thanks alot :)

  • @xX_Racer_Xx No worries. Hope it all works out for you. One thing I wanted to say that I forgot, is that you can also import a vanilla light into 3ds and use the drawable and delete their light sources, or move them around, change settings, or add in your own sources. Then rename it and add it. Basically the same steps except you aren't having to create your own drawable entity like I did with that cylinder. That's actually what I did to get the lights for my mod since I can't make my own models from scratch in 3ds that look good yet.


    @xX_Racer_Xx said in Custom Lights for Map:

    Hi guys, I'm a beginner and wanted to know if anyone knows how to make custom light using a mesh\object.

    Just pick any object with a light source already in it, and do 'export openFomat' in OpenIV. Open the .odr structure, and look for a .light map inside, like:

    Joints null
    Light invisi_light\invisi_light.light

    'invisi_light' is a prop of my own, that you can see and position (in like Menyoo), but won't show up (aka, be invisible) when placed inside a ymap. Its light, of course, won't be invisible. Perfect for placing accent light sources throughout your map. :)

    Anyway, any exported .light map should give you more than enough ideas.

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