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Is it possible to use texture mods online, mod the rpf and still have access to online?

  • If it is, how would I go about doing it?
    I have tried modding the texture without the asi which crashes the game and then with the asi which says "go away u modified ur folder" I've looked everywhere and I've seen people saying they've used texture mods online and asking if they'll get banned so I know people have done it and can. Has it been patched? I just want to use irl cars in online.

  • You Absolutely CANNOT Mod ANYTHING and run online. It's not that hard of a concept to wrap your brain around. Just because you "know people" that did it just means they'll get banned sooner or later for it. FiveM IS NOT GTA Online and is not related to it in the least. However FiveM can have mods on it.


    Locked. Read the rules before creating a topic.

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