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[Help] Editing Car RPMs?

  • I've been wondering if it's possible to change how high a car can rev. In Vanilla vehicles for example most cars shift up like way past the redline on the tachometer. Could there be a way of editing it so that the tachometer needle doesn't go as high or the car will shift at lower RPMs?

    If really my only option is to adjust the angle offset of the tachometer needle on the car, how can I do that? I mean some car mods will have their tachometers idle at about 1000 rpm or so but then when you rev high the needle goes like all the way off the tachometer, and some car mods put the needle like off the tachometer on the other way so that when it's at the max rpm it'll reach the tachometer's visual redline just about.

    Am I overcomplicating this?


    I'm not sure if you can change how much the RPM needle travels, but adjusting your model to do that might be of some help. That said, the default gearbox shifts at near top-end RPM. My Manual Transmission script contains a custom automatic shifter implementation where it's possible to dial in a lower RPM to upshift, but I've configured it by default to also upshift near the top end. The difference since a version or two ago, is that at lower throttle inputs it shifts earlier (and downshifts when just staying at a constant speed with little throttle input).

  • How can I do that with your script?

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