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Getting bikers modded update.rpf running. Easy tutorial.

  • Sorry if this is unnecessary but it may help somebody.

    Easy instructions for anybody having trouble getting there modded update.rpf to work with the new update.

    To me this is easier than using OIV packages that may overwrite other mods youve installed after them.

    Copy your current update.rpf to your desktop. Copy the new update.rpf to your desktop & your mods folder overwriting the old one. Open them both side by side with openiv. Start at the top & open each folder together in both openIV windows. Drag & drop each file from the old update.rpf to the desktop then to the new update.rpf (you cant drag from openiv to openiv). If the file says compressed, its modded & needs ro be moved. If it says compressed;encrypted than its unmodded & does not need to be moved. Go thru each directory in order & you will have your game running exactly like it was before the update. Take your time. If you make a mistake delete both & start over using your copyed backups.

    If you have a custom dlclist.xml or extratitleupdate.xml you may run into issues & I cant help you im sorry. I dont use modded cars (just everything else lol)


    I did as you suggested but I get a scripthook error message :(

  • @DarthPungz Take scripthookV.dll & your scripts folder out of your directory. Dsound.dll & din8put.dll (spelled wrong) will load openIV.asi. Keep trying!

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