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Stuttering with mods

  • So i can run GTAV perfectly on a clean backup...but if i mod it with LSPDFR or Redux i get stuttering every now and then to the point it's barely playable. It goes smooth but suddenly stops for a second, then maybe it freezes again in 1 second or 2...If i tab out it "fixes" it for maybe 5 minutes and then back again...
    I tried lowering graphics, turning v-sync off ingame and turning it on AMD control, i am not overclocking anything.

    AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6-core 3.4Ghz
    AMD RX470 4GB
    Corsair Vengeance LPX -2x8gb 3200Mhz

  • What do monitoring tools indicate - is some component pegged at 100%?

    It could be storage related, since you indicate high average frame rates but occasional hiccups. Does it also happen when staying in one place/area?

  • Yup. tried staying indoors and i can definitely see the character stuttering, i run it from an SSD so i doubt storage related since i play tarkov from the same drive and i doesn't gives me issues at all. What i did notice is the performance graphics (CPU and GPU) run stable but at the moment of the stutter the graphic shows an extreme fall for a second and then back to regular usage. Some guy on steam said it might be windows performance options so i've put it to performance mod but it still happened.Had my RAM OCd to 3100 and put it back to auto but the issue persisted...It's really weird because it's not even an FPS drop. it runs flawless even on ultra but suddenly freezes for a second and back to 60. then maybe in a couple of seconds another freeze or maybe in 5 minutes, also tried setting all fans to performance mode but i also doubt it's overheating since at the moment of the freezes both CPU and GPU don't go higher than 57ºC


    If it's working flawlessly on a clean vanilla copy it's most def not your OS me thinks

    But rather LSPDFR or Redux

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