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New to gta5 moding need help

  • Hi, i have gta 5 and i need help instaling these mods for the game id like to instal cars,guns,people and maps.
    i have looked on you tube on how to do it but it seem confusing. is their as simple way to to instal them or do i have to use open iv to do it. also how do you know they are fro single player? because i dont wanna get banned online from using them.
    any help and explanatons would be appreciated.

  • @NateMan74 you need to use OpenIV to install mods. You can§t use any mod in multiplayer coz you get banned - look for tutorials how to separate game for online and single player.

  • @NateMan74 said in New to gta5 moding need help:

    i need help instaling mods
    any help and explanatons would be appreciated.

    Not trying to be a dick, but have you even read any of the stickied posts on the forum that explain things? Rather than just expect someone to just hand you the answer, try searching for it since the resources are in plain sight that everyone can see and get to so easily. Not only that but every mod has install instructions. Read the forums and you'll find what you're looking for. Put forth the effort and then clarify what you need.

  • I have trouble with things and sometimes things are hard for me to do i read stuff but i cant remember everything that was in the readmes and i don t know how to seperate mods so it is single player only thats why i was asking for help to instal mods for this game i have ahard time with with things. and do i just use open iv to instal them and thats it?

  • can i just make a mods folder and put the mods in that then just use them in the game or do i need to use open iv to? i still dont know what to do its confusing

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