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Story mode with World of Variety

  • Hi All,

    Freshman question, please:

    Do I understand right that the only way to play story mode after installing World of Variety is to download 100% saved game and then re-play missions one-by-one?

    If anybody here succeeded to play missions having World of Variety installed? If you did - please, describe your settings (release, gameconfig, installed modes and what you believe is important).

    Thank you!

  • Not quite. You absolutely Do Not Need a 100% save game file (so don't fret about trying to find one specifically to use WOV). The better way to play it is to install WOV and start a brand new game. This way you'll get to experience the nuances it brings in. WOV impacts "free roam" of the protagonists and is not something that is meant to alter missions (though maybe a glitch here or there?). So it seems you slightly misunderstood the readme file of it.

  • @Anonymoused281

    Thank you for your reply. I made few attempts to install WOV into my SP game following readme file and observing all requirements (version 1604, then 1180) - storymode doesn't "pop-up" :(. In my case the build 1604 even doesn't load previous missions to replay (though otherwise it is perfectly OK and I see all WOV features), but 1180 does.

    If you successfully played storymode with WOV - what build did you use? Your set of mods? what vehicles/peds multiplier? what gameconfig? Thank you in advance!

  • @mcdim It was the Arena Wars build, as WOV on the Diamond Casino DLC seems to crash for now. I'll have to give it another shot soon to see if I can get it working again since I've not tried it yet after a recent update.

  • @mcdim I have no problem to start sotry mode with WOV, my only problem (but not sure if it's coz of WOV) is that after replaying mission or doing any mission, game shut down while trying load again story mode, so after every mission I have to start game again.

  • @ArmaniAdnr This is likely due to the gameconfig.xml you are using. Try using the wov one, on the sidebar of the download page.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Cass didn't help, so problem should be somewhere else not in WOV I think, maybe NVR, VisualV etc

  • Running WOV 6.2.2 , latest gameconfig from dilapidated, and the latest VisualV and the 2.10.7 ScripthookDotNet. No crashes.

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