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Help! GTAV crash when encounter with police

  • Hi, can somebody help me how to fix this, everytime i get wanted level then the police came, the game crashes.

  • Log files? Installed mods? System specs? Cracked or legit copy of the game? Those are just some examples of info needed to help others to help you. We don't read minds and expecting us to is a good laugh and makes it take longer for you to get helped.


    Please refer to ikt's thread on how to ask for assistance https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/13256/how-to-ask-for-help-and-support

    Without knowing what mods or alterations you made makes it near impossible to pinpoint the problem

    If you've edited policing behavior or dispatch.meta in any way you might have to increase corresponding poolsizes in gameconfig.xml, compare dilapidated's 4.0 gameconfig.xml to a vanilla one to see which he eg alters

  • I have the exact same issue. My game crashes as soon as cops arrive during missions or while free roaming. Whenver I am near a cop, my game freezes for a while, then crashes with no message displayed. I have a cracked version by fitgirl and I faced this issue from the beginning even before installing any mod.

  • Probably becouse is a Pirated version? Maybe?

    GTA is always in sales, why use a pirate version?


    @djprmf its the exact reason its not working

  • @Reacon @djprmf I had a previous cracked version before given by my friend which is not a fitgirl version and that one did not crash while police arrived, but I had to delete it then because of low storage issue on my laptop. Now when I reinstalled it from fitgirl, the game crashes abruptly when police arrives. That only means that the issue does not occur because of cracked version but it is some other issue. If you find any legit solution, please help me. Thanks


    @RJ-7 the fact you have a cracked version is the problem. we can't help you


    I will not advise you to check dilapidated's gameconfig.xml which has increased poolsize values for police encounters in the first section of the file

    Have to lock this as you ask support for a pirated game version

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