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Help! GTAV crash when encounter with police

  • Hi, can somebody help me how to fix this, everytime i get wanted level then the police came, the game crashes.

  • Log files? Installed mods? System specs? Cracked or legit copy of the game? Those are just some examples of info needed to help others to help you. We don't read minds and expecting us to is a good laugh and makes it take longer for you to get helped.


    Please refer to ikt's thread on how to ask for assistance https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/13256/how-to-ask-for-help-and-support

    Without knowing what mods or alterations you made makes it near impossible to pinpoint the problem

    If you've edited policing behavior or dispatch.meta in any way you might have to increase corresponding poolsizes in gameconfig.xml, compare dilapidated's 4.0 gameconfig.xml to a vanilla one to see which he eg alters

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