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Car Sound Editing

  • Sorry if this is the wrong section.

    Are there any proper tutorials on how to edit car sounds for this game? I made quite alot of sounds for San Andreas and am pretty knowledgeable about making sounds for other games aswell GTR2 and Asetto Corsa

    I understand how to change the sound files, but it's like I didn't replace the sound fully idk how to explain it, I can try to record it to upload but my internet upload is pretty ass when it comes to YT.

    I am currently working on a car sound mod and have a few major problems:

    I replaced the sound of the RE7B with my own sounds File is le7b.awc and .oac
    The sound IS replaced in the game, but the sound I added in is very quiet while the engine 'hum'/secondary sound is regular volume. I can't hear the sound of the car at all unless i'm very easy on the gas but that defeats the purpose.

    The sounds I replaced were

    My questions is:

    1. Do the modified sound files have to be the same length or shorter than the original? (Mine were like a second or two longer)

    2. Is there a main 'bank' of where the sounds come from? I want to replace the entity XF sound aswell but I can't find the .awc for it, only for the 'Entity2' but I fear changing that will only change the DLC car.

    3. Off the last question, I can't seem to find the source of the 'hum', it's like the sound the cars make when they are approaching, I also replaced the le7b_npc sound too, may this be the reason why they're glitchy? And I also edited the sounds accordingly. The _npc sound files have abrupt RPM changes

    My sounds were in the correct format 16bit 33200Hz mono so I doubt it's that.
    The sounds don't crash or anything, they are just very quiet and another one is flat out glitchy, I keep hearing a turbo spool mixed with a spray can instead of the sound, unless my RPMs are very low or I let of the gas.


    No guides to my knowledge, most people refer to CodeWalker discord for assistance on editing .rel files

    I can only answer question 1: yes, replacement sounds have to be the exact same length as vanilla

  • Thank you, I have since fixed the initial problem, but now I have a new problem, the replaced sounds are too quiet for the car. :confused:

  • This topic can be closed now, I have fixed the problem by replacing another car sound instead, i'm thinking it's because the bitrate was too low.

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