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Can't save edits in carcols.ymt

  • I'm trying to add sirens settings from this mod to my carcols.ymt
    Found the end of sirens and before last '</Sirens>' I paste everything from carcols from mod (except first 3 lines and last 2 lines of course). After I paste it and try to save it the OpenIV write me unable to save try again later. I also checked the code for whitespaces and other issues and whole text seems good so problem should be somewhere in OpenIV.

    Anyone had this problem or have idea what should be problem please? I'm editing in mods folder of course.


    @ArmaniAdnr extract it from open iv, edit it then paste it back in

  • @Reacon also tryed and it don't want import it back. It write some files wasn't imported and file size is still same and added lines wasn't there :/

  • @Reacon extract or export? I did export, when I extract it as ymt file, what program should I use to open it?


    @ArmaniAdnr drag it out of openiv and use notepad to edit it

  • @Reacon notepadd++, windows notepad and also VScode open ymt like this

    PSIN p¨pppppppp    
    ?$  ¡ ¡ 
        M M    Z Z  2 2 d  $ $ ¬    è  & & 4    \  0 0 ¼    Ü  ( ( ÿ)uÿÿ0nÿ?À ?À 
    pppppppp œŽÿââ %ÈŠÕ£} =£×
    µÂ?k…?På@à ?€ ÿ#R ÿÿÿ >ó33? E_þ¶ÅÏ ®8. =£× µÂ?k…?På@à ?€ ÿÏž ÿÿÿ >ó33? (4/ÅclGX
    3} =£×

  • @Reacon solved it by this way
    found that sires 12 with name fbi and sirens 3 with name fbiold are not used in game coz vanilla fib vehicles use normal police sirens (fbi ones have turned off back sirens). So I replaced this ones but had to do it part by part not whole text at once.

    After doing this I tryed also add new sirens part by part but wasn't working. Then I found out that each idvalue of original sirens have 20different sirens info, but the one from mod have only 14, maybe this was causing the problem.

    Anyway replaced first 14 of idvalue 12 and it's working now. Thanks for your time.

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