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Game crashes at launch when I try editing dlclist.xml

  • Several mods I have tried required me to edit the dlclist.xml file in OpenIV in order for the mod to work. Examples being:
    The dismemberment mod
    and this army vehicle mod

    When I edit the file, they ask me to add some stuff to this text file. In the case of the armored vehicle, "<Item>dlcpacks:\uparmorhmvdes</Item>"

    So I take the file out from OpenIV, make the change in Notepad++, and insert it back in, replacing the old one. Then when I go to launch the game, I get greeted with a pop up that says "Corrupt game data. Please reboot, verify the game data, or reinstall the game. For more information, please visit: http://rsg.ms/verify"

    Verifying the game files (on steam) does fix the problem, I assume it reverts dlclist.xml to its unedited state. But it leaves me with the issue that I can't install the mod. Any suggestions? I'm running the latest version of GTAV and, I'm willing to provide more info if asked.

    Another note; yes, I tried the gameconfig.xml modification. I got the exact same result as above.

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  • @cdvx8599 Sounds like you are most likely accidentally removing all the other dlclist entries when you are trying to do it how you are. There is absolutely no need to take the modded dlclist out from OpenIV, edit it in Notepad, and reinsert it. I can tell you based on the line in your post, one mistake is the missing slash after the mod name, before the closing </Item>.

    Open up OpenIV, make sure you are in edit mode. Then just Right click on the dlclist.xml inside OpenIV, then click on edit. Then scroll down and add the mod's dlclist line to the bottom, make sure to pay attention that your new entry matches how all the others are. Then click save.

  • @chonkie
    I'm not sure that is the issue. Because as I stated above, I downloaded a gameconfig mod (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars) which involves me dragging and dropping an edited version of gameconfig.xml and replacing the old one, and it gives me the same crashing result. (the game worked fine before it was installed)

    Whatever the issue is, it seems to stem from the game not wanting me to edit these xml files for whatever reason.

  • @cdvx8599 From your post, "When I edit the file, they ask me to add some stuff to this text file. In the case of the armored vehicle, "<Item>dlcpacks:\uparmorhmvdes</Item>"

    That right there tells me it's crashing because you don't have the dlclist entry input correctly. Unless that's a typo ... it should look like this <Item>dlcpacks:/uparmorhmvdes/</Item>
    Try with the vanilla config, I now have 15 addon dlcpacks in my game on the vanilla config, no issues.


    getting a corrupt msg after editing dlclist.xml

    perhaps you're not using the mods folder method (and OpenIV.asi) and did not copy the update.rpf to that location?

    upon game launch it sees the update.rpf was altered and throws the corrupt error

    that's why verifying your files on steam works as your game gets reverted back to vanilla

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