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Need help to tweak Redux Mod (NPC AI and some other small stuff)

  • Hey guys. I've been using the Redux mod, and I love the visuals. But it comes with a ton of other "improvements" that you can't manually avoid in the installation, some of them are undesirable for me

    Can you help me find the specific settings files for these?

    • NPCs accelerate when killed inside car. This is kinda normal in vanilla, but the mod over exaggerates it. They go full throttle every single time, it's silly and annoying.
    • The vehicle reflections are too strong, to the point where their colors look all metallic from a distance. They look like plastic.
    • Some light flickering occur here and there. Sometimes when I look to the sun the screen turns a little darker abruptly

    I tried NaturalVision, VisualV, Make Visuals Great Again, none of them look as good as Redux does in my opinion. Is there any package that has only the Redux visuals?


    You'll get flakk for using REDUX as Josh stole assets back in the day from other authors

    If you mostly just want to use the visual aspect:
    Just open the OIV as a rar file and just take files below and import those into a fresh update.rpf at the correct location

    timecycle files into timecycle folder
    files inside the weather folder

    and some files that accompany those above, I don't know them all by head now

    Other method you could follow : see what files VisualV changes and search those files in the REDUX installation and take those

  • Great tip. Thanks!

  • For the NPC's car going into oblivion when killing them inside, open this file https://anonfile.com/9cT58539n5/vehicleaitasks_ymt called vehicleaitasks.ymt (there is no virus or some other shit like this) once it's opened simply scroll till you see a line with this written "CTaskVehicleDeadDriver__Tunables" then find the lines called "MinThrottle" and "MaxThrottle". In the files the values especially the maximum are just pure crazyness so reduce the Max value to 0.200000 and put the min value at 0.100000. You can also change the steering angle with those lines "MinSteerAngle" and "MaxSteerAngle". Just fine tweak them until you find the right parameters.

    This file needs to be replaced in 2 folders. Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64a.rpf\data\tune and also
    in Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\tune

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