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Edited texture turn back to default when far

  • Hey. I edited a dumpster texture called: prop_dumpster_02a

    the textures look like that: https://prnt.sc/oupia5

    but from far it changes to default: https://prnt.sc/oupiye

    how can i change it?

  • This post is deleted!

  • what do you mean ? the bin you sent is an other bin.

    how do i find the LOD texture and change it?

  • @Mornox I'm still learning this LOD stuff, so if I'm not mistaken, that dumpster prop is an orphanhd lod so it doesn't have any more levels of lod. As a temporary solution, since I'm not sure this is the best solution, would be to increase the lodDist value in the v_bins.ytyp. Right now it is 110 for that dumpster, try 150 and see if that is acceptable to you. Might not be able to tell that is doing whatever it is doing to change back. I don't know why it would even change back unless you did not remove the vanilla texture from the texture dictionary.

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