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[MISC] GTA IV Graphics

  • could someone make a graphics mod that looks like gta 4. It needs to be compatible with IVpack and it doesn't use any enb or Reshade (my computer can't handle it.)

  • alt text

    All jokes aside, you can probably get GTA IV graphics by just lowering your GTA V graphics manually lol. It’s the physics and movement that’s 9/10 different.

    Textures and stuff like that, you’d legit have to manually redesign the entire game’s look.

  • Uhh can't understand why you'd want the game to look worse just go play GTA IV if you liked it so much

  • @Mcarden2006 i'm even worse than you, i'd like to have GTA San Andreas graphics in GTA V :)

  • @Paperclip I just wanted to have it look like GTA IV because of the Liberty Rewind mod

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