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irratated and confused on how to instal mods need help

  • hi, Im not good at things and im very confused on how to instal mods for gta 5 ive read things but i still dont get it. It seems confusing for me on what to do. I reallt need help with this do i justy make a mods folder and put them in their and run the game or what do i do the only way im ganna learn is step by step itry to watch thinggs on you tube buiti cant remember stuff icould really use the help because i see all this cool stuff and it irratates me that i can instal these things so any help would be appreciated i have trouble with thse stuff cause im ald= adult learning disabled and need explaining help


    @NateMan74 watch youtube while doing it, you don't need to remember anything that way

    you also need openiv


  • ok so what does open iv do for me i alredy have it? also can i just make a mods folder in gta 5 dir and put the mods in that folder then go into game and use them? or is it more complicated? please let me know.


    @NateMan74 no, it explains it all in that video @Biggdogg linked

  • @Reacon you have to do all that just to instal a simple car or whatever in your game? cant you just put the mods in a mod folder and then go into the game and use them?


    @NateMan74 nope, the video shows you how to do it and that's that

  • what do you mean nope? see now im confused do i have to do all that to use a car in the game or can i just make a mods folder and put all my mods in that and use them in the game?> plus open iv is just a thing where it lets you look at stuff it doesnt instal them.



    Indeed you can not simply copy the downloaded files into the mods folder to make it work straight away, wish it were that simple

    GTA games work with archive files that contain all the information that the game loads

    So the downloaded Add-On vehicle (vehiclename.rpf) itself needs to be in the mods folder, even inside a specific subfolder that is listed in the description for said vehicle... but you stilll,manually, need to tell the game to load that newly added file

    That is why you need OpenIV. No other way.
    A ) because it comes with a file, OpenIV.asi, that makes it so the game itself knows there is a mods folder to read new added content from
    and B ) because inside the archives are files that control what content the game loads up. So you'll need to edit those too.

    In this case, when adding an Add-On vehicle, you'll be editing update.rpf (an archive) that first you need to copy from your update folder to the mods folder.
    Because inside that rpf archive it is a dlclist.xml file. And that one contains all the shortcut links, if you will, so that dlclist.xml file needs a new line entry to the newly added vehicle that you have downloaded.

    BUT, and I hope you're still reading, there is something that come close to the quick fix you do desire!
    There are vehicles that come packed in a self installing file. I think it's best if you first try and get one of those to work. They are called OIV packages and there's lots of different vehicles


    Good luck, watch and re-watch those YouTube videos and I hope you'll succeed

  • sounds kinda tricky im not good with editing stuff like that but thanks for explaning it to me

  • @NateMan74 said in irratated and confused on how to instal mods need help:

    sounds kinda tricky im not good with editing stuff like that but thanks for explaning it to me

    why does i t have to be so hard to use these mods in the game?

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