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Actual Scripthook problem

  • Does anyone have a previous version of Scripthook and vdotnet? I just deleted previous version when i see new updates coming and I have a problem now

  • @Ogzxhan you should still have it in your recycling bin

  • @Reacon said in Actual Scripthook problem:

    @Ogzxhan you should still have it in your recycling bin

    No, I also deleted from there


    your problem probably is not caused by SHV itself as it's backwards compatible

    either you use an outdated script (try running V with the scripts folder renamed to scripts_disabled) or it's something else?

  • It's not SHV. Might be with SHDotNet. Use their github page to try the latest version and go backwards one version until you find one that doesn't crash at startup.

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