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UnknowModder's Bypass crashing after leave cover

  • As tittle says, I am writing this thing here because he for some reason blocked comments,
    Bypass laucher works but everytime you go into cover mode, and leave while enter car or just some times even without enter car, game always crash, I wonder for years wtf, didn¨t know what mod does this, while waiting for update I played without it and mod my game from scratch, and while update comes my games start crashing again after leaving cover position, so please UnknowModder I know you are moderator so see this and fix it, please, Can somebody pin him here to 100% know about this ? Thanks that all.

  • He can't fix it, atleast not easily, the game is coded to do crash in these situations by itself, when the social club is bypassed (it's anti piracy method pretty much), it only happens while you're holding a weapon


    It was explicitly noted in the description.

    There's no fix - just don't do that.

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