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mod menu installing

  • Hi need some help installing a mod menu to my pc I'm new to pc gaming so will need some help start to finish or some kind of Video on how to I payed for the game off steam but don't know how to open up the files and that and what you put in them for a menu will be grateful for your help thanks

  • @lukeh298 first off you need a mod called scripthookV that is bacically the backbone of all mods. It is awaiting an update. Search for "native trainer" in the main site & select the mod with 2million+ downloads. Click "follow updated" then wait for a notification saying it was updated. Untill then, look through the tutorial section.

  • yea i have downloaded all them and copied them over but when i did all that it said i was missing a file and i made sure i did them all as it said need some kind of video i have coped all the files so if i go rung i can just put originals back in there

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