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maffia mod

  • hello everyone: i may have a nice idea.
    is it an idea to make a mafia mod.
    where you have to set up your own Mafia gang .. and commit crime together .. in order to eventually become the ruler of los santos ...

    that you can also claim companies ... to let money come in
    can buy your own Mafia hide out and adjust how you would like everything ... for example with your gang members as guard at your house.

    but that there are others Mafia groups left
    what to fight then ....

    and so terrains can claim from each other mafia wars .....

  • Yeah, a good idea. A mafia selling many things e. g. drugs, weapons, settlements etc. Military (like gang wars) and economically (changing prices) fighting other mafias. A goal is to become monopole.
    I'd really like this.

  • @tedmed I wish I could script it myself I made it myself but unfortunately I can't script it :(

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