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Replace ALL Cars in GTA

  • Hello Guys

    I want to replace every single Car in GTA to Thery Reallife Model. So 9F to R8, Vacca to Gallardo etc.

    Is this even possible because of the huge amount of Datas Traffic must load? And if yes:

    Do i need to prepare/change something? Trafficspawn interval, Gameconfig or whatever?

    For Addon cars i need an edit gameconfig. Do i need this for Replaces aswell?

  • For modifying every car no its impossible but you can modify most before stability is reduced to the point where the game is unplayable. (depends on luck and your system configuration)

    And using a modified gameconfig would definitely help especially one that reduces traffic would help mitigate texture loss and increase stability.

    I have a few other tips that I could share with you for increasing stability when you highly modify your game with custom models if you want too?

  • @TRDOffroad97 yes sure i want to make a gta wich is as realistic as possible. That means many mods.I would really like to have someone for troubleshooting. i got few problems here :P

  • @youngseasoon I had the same big idea as you before and after modding gta v since summer 2016 here is what I've learned.

    1. Model choice
      Whether a model has LOD's or not can reduce textuere loss. For adding a few models in the game, its not a big deal but, as you heavily modify your game, you need to start using more optimized models as replacements. Also don't be afraid to choose a few low poly models with good LOD's if you don't use it that much.
    1. Discipline
      When installing car mods, make sure you install 1 at a time and make backups of all .Meta files you modify. Personally, I export them in openIV and use notepad+ to edit the Meta lines before saving a copy and re-importing back into the game using OpenIV. This helps out a ton especially when there's a problem so you can go back and troubleshoot gta acting up.

    2. Optimize
      Some cars in the wrong slot can create tuning issues (or amusing glitches) You'll also run into a few models that do not have custom tuning for them (the banshee is a great example) . However, with a little thinking outside the box, you can manipulate this to your advantage by modifying the carvariations.meta tuning kits to your liking (something a lot more complex but you'll understand how to do it eventually) .

    I also noticed that lower traffic gamconfigs can increase stability slightly.

    1. Organization
      Also i highly recommend making a table with all the car slots and what works and what does not for organization sake. Personally I have a spreadsheet document with all the cars and, what i've placed in those slots that worked (or failed).

    Edit: one last thing use a mods folder in openIV. It will make your life so much easier.

  • @youngseasoon I will let you know in few weeks/months :D already working on it, graphic, architectures, props done, working on vehicles now. You can see more progress on instagram or discord linked bellow. But not every of vanilla vehicles have real life model already made.
    You need gameconfig for sure.
    You need a lot of backup and testing coz not every model is working. You need lot of time and really much much more patience than time :D sometimes I spend over 10 hours on one model to find perfect model (or almost perfect and unlocked) and fix all issues :head_bandage:
    You need to take care of rpf and dlclists sizes due to what @TRDOffroad97 mentioned coz in so many mods the game can easily get unplayable.
    To keep mission working you need also more testing than I mentioned coz mods can work in normal story mode, but can affect missions and bug them.
    You need have or be open to learn basics of meta files editing and zmodeler works coz soe models, especialy that not so popular as services vehicles or old vehicles have bugs in meta files, have not breakable glass, have no reflections in mirrors, have not hands on steering wheel etc. and all of that you need for gta as real as possible :innocent:

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