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[Request][$100] Request for the ultimate realism mod!

  • This mod aims to bring true realism to the GTA world. Most likely is a combination of other mods but made to work with one another.

    -World events
    -World mods


    Enhances police.
    -Adds Pulling people over for traffic law violations.
    -Adds Warrants for an arrest once you’ve escaped police sight.
    -Police jurisdictions

    If vehicle is identified and not you.
    -Pedestrians will be notified (like they watched the news) and there will be a chance for them to call your vehicle in if they spot it. Each pedestrian or most pedestrians will have different probability to calling you in.

    If you are identified
    -Same Rule’s apply as vehicle identified.

    If you are not identified but vehicle is for warrant.
    -You can walk freely but the closer you are to your car the higher the chance you’ll be in connection with the vehicle, ultimately putting you with the vehicle and will become wanted/warrant issued for you and the car.

    Police spawning/searching
    -If outta sight, police goes by the last street or location you were seen at and searches from there.
    -If multiple cops are on scene and you’re outta sight, they will split up and search different streets until you are either found or time has ran up. Thus a warrant for your arrest is issued if found or car is found.
    -If your car is found but you are not in it or near it. It will display a message saying car has been found. Cops will “theoretically” ask any near by pedestrians if they saw anyone get out of the vehicle. Random chance is added to the peds of telling if they saw you or not.
    -If pedestrians tell cops who was in the car, a new warrant is displayed issuing the arrest of your person. And not every cop in all locations will be looking for you.
    -Cops don’t shoot you when driving or walking around unless provoked. (Minimum of 2 stars)
    -cops go for an arrest first before shooting. -Tasers will be used if you run on foot with no weapon out.
    -Cops only shoot if you shoot first or you have a weapon out for X amount of time or you killed a cop.
    -Hands up option. Once key is pressed. All cops stop shooting no matter the distance and will go in for the arrest.
    -Police doesn’t shoot when you drive away from a 1 Star.

    When pulled over
    -Cops come to window and will ask questions
    (You know why I pulled you over? Yes/no answer. If answer is yes, cop moves to next question. If answer is no, cop tells you i.e. violation you made. Where you headed today? 4 choices. 1. Home 2. Errand running 3. Waypoint Location name 4. Random location is told.)
    -bribe option. If you are pulled over after all the questions have been asked, you can bribe your way out of a ticket. Failed bribe means higher ticket cost.
    -If cop is suspicious of you i.e. high speeds over 25, warrant for your arrest (depends on if under your warrant had more than 2 stars). Cop will ask you to step out of the car and backup until is called to scene. Once backup unit arrives, cop will walk to the second officer and there’s a probability of you getting arrested. 100% of an arrest attempt if warrant is currently active.
    -if under 3 stars and you press and surrender key and pull over within the 10 second countdown. Cops will surround you with guns drawn and will go in for the arrest. They won’t open fire like they normally do now.
    -Police will spawn in random locations to do speed traps(alley ways, behind bushes and signs, side of the highway, parking lots etc)
    -more patrolling cops increased

    -Only go away until you have been arrested/Killed/custom amount of real time.

    -10 tickets before warrant
    -Pay off ticket time options. 1. Immediately 2. In 6 game time hours 3. 1 full day 4. Never (results for never will be given. If never is chosen, the only way to pay is walking up to a police station anywhere and stand at the front door and press a key to pay)
    -ticket counter doesn’t reset until you die. Will stay on record until then. Could potentially have 100 tickets on record.
    -the more tickets you have a for a certain reason, the higher the chance of getting a ticket the next time you are pulled over for the same thing.
    -chance to be given a warning are higher for first couple of stops, then lower probability when you get past 3 tickets. Once past 10 tickets, it’s a random probability but the chances are above 60%.

    -10 tickets results in an arrest on next pull over. (Issues for you and your car will be given out).
    -Unpaid tickets will be given a warrant if they aren’t paid in 1 full day GTA time.
    -arrested times


    -Increase speed of Ai to match speed limit. Sports/super cars have greater chance of going above speed limit.
    -traffic is adaptive to in game time.
    Busy times 6am-9am, 12pm-1pm, 5pm-6pm.
    Non busy times; 7am-11am, 10pm-5am.
    Normal times; 10am-11am, 2pm-4pm, 7pm-9pm.
    (Cop spawn amount is the same no matter what)

    world events

    -random fire truck/ambulance/police responding to things.
    -cars being pulled over throughout the map
    -swat spawned at bank for a standoff
    -street racing (can join in or let Ai race themselves


    -Apply for different jobs
    Taxi driver, Limo escort, food delivery, etc


    Hunger (food places around the world are opened and you can use via drive thru unless “Open Interiors” mod has the interior then you can go inside and get good and drink.
    -sleeping. Lack of sleep makes an effect on screen similar to being drunk. Lack of sleep can be adjusted to requiring only sleeping 1 every 24 hours or 48 hours in game time. Etc.


    -Basically works as homeinvasion mod

    World mods

    -Car dealerships allow you to buy cars. Each dealership sells select cars. Example, Premium dealership only sells the high end vehicles and classic cars.
    -Food places open
    -Give cash and money to homeless
    -sell drugs to people(if police nearby you will get arrested).
    -gas for cars
    -selling cars
    -hotels to stay at
    -Beach gym can be used

    Overall: I’m sure I could think of more or go more in-depth with each feature and if you are serious about making this and need any refinements or details, please message me! Not too sure how all realistically this can be made into a mod but I would want every single feature I mentioned plus more you could think of to make this truly the best mod ever! Again, serious offers to be made here and yes I am willing to pay $100 or more to see this thing through!

  • @A_Strong34 I think if anyone should do it just for your request it would cost you pretty much more. It's not as much easy as it look even if you use alreadz existing mods + need get all permissions from modders that made all that mods. (speaking about creating all that mods from scratch would be Xtimes more expensive).

    Or just wait for my GTA (V) REAL where would be most of mentioned and you would get it for free :D

  • @ArmaniAdnr Not going to happen ?! :|

  • Sounds like roleplaying on a FiveM server.

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