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How do i spawn add-on cars with random colors?

  • I downloaded like 30-50 add-on cars and decided to put them all in popgroups.ymt so they spawn in traffic. And i was like "sure why not?" and make all my traffic Add-on cars. The problem is that some cars spawn in only 1 colours. Some only spawn in red. some spawned blue, you get the deal. So can anyone tell me how to make the colors random for all cars? Any help would be appriceated :3

  • Correct me if I'm wrong -You might want to look into carvariations.meta, since it controls which variants can spawn.


    You're not wrong. In fact, you might be very right. :rosette:

    Those dlcpacks for the Add-On cars each contain meta files, if a car spawns in a single color always it holds only one color variation instead of say 10.

  • I know how to set the car's spawn colour. The question is. How do you get that car spawn in random colours? i tried putting Like 5 Colour indexes, example:
    <indices content="char_array">
    12 28 70 112

    But they don't seem to work. What should i do to get the car colours spawn at random.

  • Ok. I found a fix. And god i'm an idiot. So basically i looked other cars carvariations.meta that spawn in random colours. I've noticed that there are more than 2-3 color combination. I copy and pasted the lines of that one car. Changed the names. And tested it. It worked alright, in fact better than what i expected. Thank you so much to whoever helped me. I legit could not figured it out. I'm new to modding, just learned this and that. Once again. thank you to whoever view or reply to this somewhat dumb post.

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