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how to make a 2nd gta5 for modding

  • how do i make a 2nd gta5 folder? that i can use for modding only. but also have my main gta5 for online. ive seen alot of diffrent options an ways to do it, but seems pretty complicated to me since im new. plus all the videos out there are like years old, that arnt updated.

  • @chris018571 Install a Fresh Copy of GTA 5 and Right click and select Copy folder of GTA 5 bear in mind that you should copy entire GAME not only something folder LOL , and select your desired folder like A: or something else

    it's simple to make a second copy of GTA 5 but it's takes a lot of time : /

    anyways hopes it helps.

  • @Venkey got it thanks,im a noob and had issues following this video

    i followed all the steps and once i load up the game offline it crashes and i get a screen that says retry safe mode or to retry. so yeah idk why its doing that i followed each step by step not the error at the end

  • @chris018571 Look at the top of the site and read the FAQ. Search the site, all this info is already abundantly out there. Use OpenIV and have it install the mods folder. The only thing you would need to do to play online is rename dinput8.dll to 1dinput8.dll. To play single player modded just rename it back to dinput8.dll.

    Don't add more than one mod at a time and test each one thoroughly before adding the next one.

  • @chris018571 If you just want to use two separate copies instead of a mods folder, then check out this thread and the posts by a63nt-5m1th.


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