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Need help with siren installation

  • So I'm trying to change up my sirens in GTA V. I've got it handled for the most part, but the issue I'm running into is that the main police siren is still the stock siren tone. Is the main siren tone still "0x0D329446.wav"? I've changed this file to different tones and still get the stock one. Every other tone works as expected. Halp!

    Steps I took:

    • Made a folder on my desktop for the vehicles folder and vehicles.oac

    • Opened OpenIV and went to: GTA V - x64 - audio - sfx - RESIDENT.rpf

    • Right clicked on vehicles.awc - export to openFormat

    • Exported to the folder on my desktop

    • Went into the vehicles folder and copy/pasted the files from the siren mod

    • File names: 0x0D329446.wav, 0x0EA58C7C.wav, POLICE_WARNING.wav, SIREN_2.wav

    • Went back into OpenIV into the RESIDENT.rpf file in edit mode and drag/dropped the vehicles.oac file

    What I did notice is that the last 2 files replaced others. The first 2 were a simply drag and drop. No replacing any existing files.

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