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How to change .Meta files

  • I want to make the ballad cars red and the families cars blue and it comes with a file name vehicle (something) .meta and I don’t know what to do with it

  • I believe what you need is the carvariations.meta. In the section for each vehicle, you will see an entry area called <indices> and then some numbers. The numbers correspond with the car colors. You can find a list of the car colors here: https://imgur.com/a/F4Ptk Find the cars you want in the meta, and change the colors to the ones you want. Good Luck.

  • @OEB_Nick as @Foxunitone wrote, you need edit carvariations. Leave there only 1 color and set it on what color you want using color index check out some tutorials on carvariations editting, I know somewhere is wrote what color is from what coz in one color settup is 6lines with color numbers and each is from anything else (main, secondary, wheels etc). Before it was 4lines only so if you find tutorial where are only 4, don't worry and follow it and just put last 2lines on 0 coz they are not so important and many vehicles have them set on 0, even I don't remember for what are they, I know you don't break anything by setting them on zero.

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